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Forcefield is a VPN service designed to make privacy and security easy, so you can focus on what matters with peace of mind and zero limitations.

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One click, and you're protected

No configuration necessary. At the click of a button Forcefield encrypts all your data, keeping your online activity, identity, and physical location private.

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Unlimited access

With more than 30 countries at your fingertips, experience unrestricted access no matter where you are in the world.

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Serious Security

Forcefield keeps your data secure with the same symmetric algorithms that are used by governments and militaries around the world.

We're the only VPN service to offer advanced security features like firewall protection, malicious site blocking and two-factor authentication.

You can learn more about our dedication to your privacy and security here.

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With full peer-to-peer support, no logging and super fast servers, Forcefield is the last VPN you'll ever need. Getting started is super simple.

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